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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


'twas 4 years ago when I last blogged.  Four years went soooooo fast!  During those years, many developments happened, both good and not-so-good.

My twin has recovered from her 2013 open heart surgery, as well as having her right left amputated.  With determination and practice, she now walks with ease using her artificial leg or a cane, if needed.  Thank God for giving her the strength and the motivation to return to almost normalcy and independence when moving around. 

An elder sister based in the Philippines is finally together with her only daughter, my niece.   Sad to say niece also lost a foot (not a leg) as a result of her ignoring a foot wound that was allowed to linger.  Ultimately, the foot had to be amputated too.   After living in the U.S. for a more than 10 years,  she recently decided to pack her bags and returned to live with her mom in Manila.  On a positive note, at least she and her mom can take care of each other.  But the downside of her returning to Manila, she now has to shoulder all the medical expenses that she enjoyed 100% when she was in LA.  

My only brother, who has absolutely no plans of migrating to New Zealand or Canada where his children are based,  also lives with my elder sister and niece.  It is perhaps in God's design to have these 3 family members , who have been living apart from each other for so many, many years,  are now living  and staying together  under one roof. 

In the last two years, many good developments have taken place.  My elder daughter's Tutoring Center is finally getting the needed recognition by parents whose children need out of the classroom tutoring.   I am really very happy about her business and the attention it is enjoying.   I support all her plans and pray that Tutoring Center  may continue to flourish,  attract new students and  grow not only in student numbers, but grow into  a new location somewhere,  someday.  

My only grandson, is the perfect icing in the cake of  positive news.  He is now in the 2nd year of the  accelerated Intarmed medical studies in the top and most sought-after University of the Philippines (Manila's State U). In the year 2023, he will be a  young doctor of medicine!  How about that!!  It is a graduation that I  certainly look forward to,

He enjoys the challenges and continues to excel in his chosen medical studies. Piano playing and  recitals have taken a backseat as of now.  Instead, he auditioned and  passed to join the UPMedChoir.   Because of this, he discovered the joys of singing and the good company of the choir members.

Let me now write about  my only granddaughter who is an equally intelligent, very creative and artistic teen.   At her tender age of 15 (since April), she is proving to be the always able, dependable "right hand" of her mom.  Like her brother, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to the use of computers like websites and about cellphone apps!  I should not forget she is a gracious ballerina having been a ballet student since she was that high!

I pray for a very  bright future for my 2  grandkids, my daughter and son-i-law.  I want all of them to enjoy a good life, and enjoy simple pleasures more than what I have experienced when I was their ages.  I want them to lead a healthy, prosperous life as the future unfolds.  I pray that God will look upon them with favor and protect them from harm and misfortune always.  I trust that He will!

My younger daughter has moved to a new job still in NY for a much higher pay and more fringe benefits.  Though married for more than 10 years, she and her husband, seem  to have no plans of raising a family  as of now  I have not lacked in motivating her to have a child so that she will experience the joys of motherhood and have someone to care for her someday.  I still hope she and her husband will change their minds soon. 

I am still in the same job, the same company, doing the same responsibilities which I truly enjoy. Since I moved to a farther cubicle from where I was, I requested a printer for my own use which was approved quickly.  I now do not need to walk from my far corner cubicle to another corner for colored printing or scanning needs. Thought the ladies room and the kitchen are also far from my corner, the walking is good for my health and for my fitbit!

Furthermore, I love my new location.  It overlooks a window to give me a good view of trees, the man-made lake, etc.       Internet connection for my cellphone works better, and my radio can pick up all the stations I want.  I  wish I had moved sooner.

As for my husband and myself, we are  happy in our togetherness.  We may not have all the gold trimmings of a financially rich couple.  but we are contented to be the simple folks in a modest, peaceful household. We dine out occasionally, watch movies, or just go to NY once in a while for good reasons.
Truly, My life may not be a perfect one, but I don't let the "humps" or the "downs" affect me permanently.    Survival is all about one's  outlook and how we swim against the rough tide or "go with the flow". Life is not without choices.  I choose to throw negative vibes out of my thoughts, and focus on the blessings I now have.  I keep in mind that  my borrowed life is brief,  and I want to enjoy it while I am able.    With God's help, I know I will always be a blessed wife, a supportive mother and a loving grandmother!


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